Inspection and surveillance of buildings

H01. Inspections - Rousse and Tutrakan

Inspecting buildings

Contractor: AREN LTD
Total built-up area: 35000 кв.м.

Composing reports for existing buildings technical passport - structural part.

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H02. Inspection of Kargon bridge, Yambol, Bulgaria

Inspecting bridges

Contractor: Yambol Municipality

Composing reports for bridge technical passport - structural part.

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H03. Engineering of buildings based on technical passports, Sofia, Silistra, Pazarjik, Troyan

Construction legal opinion and project

Contractor: Municipalities
Total built-up area: 30 000 sq.m.
Architecture: Valpa LTD

Composing legal opinions and designing projects based on technical passports of buildings for remediation.

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H04. Construction legal opinions for existing roof advertisement, signboards of restaurants, banks etc, fences, houses etc.

Construction legal opinions

Composing structural legal opinions.

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