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We are specialized in the construction and elaboration of various structures: steel, reinforced concrete and precast concrete, wooden, aluminium, masonry, composite steel and concrete, as well as in the technology of erection.

Our services include:

  • Survey
  • Architectural and structural design of seismic-resistant buildings and structures
  • Evaluation of the condition of existing buildings
  • Investigation of structures
  • Design of facade systems
  • Health and safety plans, management of structural waste
  • Approval of construction
  • Designer supervision
  • Production and erection of steel, precast concrete and monolithic concrete structures
  • Dismantling structures
  • Implementation of slabs on grade
  • Formwork, reinforcement and concrete work
  • Finishing work

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Concrete structures

Apr 21, 2016, 16:32 PM

AVV provides complete engineering of reinforced concrete structures, from in-ground pools, trays and concrete houses to multi-storey residential and administrative buildings. We calculate structures subject to horizontal seismic forces using frame or wall systems. We draw formwork plans, calculate the necessary reinforcement, make reinforcement plans and details according to the chosen static scheme, with complete project documentation in the technical design phase. We also perform construction work – formwork, reinforcement and concretе. We produce and erect precast concrete buildings. We execute finishing work.