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We are specialized in the construction and elaboration of various structures: steel, reinforced concrete and precast concrete, wooden, aluminium, masonry, composite steel and concrete, as well as in the technology of erection.

Our services include:

  • Survey
  • Architectural and structural design of seismic-resistant buildings and structures
  • Evaluation of the condition of existing buildings
  • Investigation of structures
  • Design of facade systems
  • Health and safety plans, management of structural waste
  • Approval of construction
  • Designer supervision
  • Production and erection of steel, precast concrete and monolithic concrete structures
  • Dismantling structures
  • Implementation of slabs on grade
  • Formwork, reinforcement and concrete work
  • Finishing work

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Steel structures

Apr 21, 2016, 16:32 PM

AVV is a specialized company with vast experience and traditions in steel engineering. We design, produce and erect. We calculate and design with optimum expenditure of steel rational and simplified joints, which facilitates installation. We elaborate technical and final design projects with complete structural documentation, assembly plans and assembly drawings. We always provide axonometric assembly plans and joints to aid the building process. We manufacture and install steel constructions using appropriate mechanization, fix LT load-bearing sheets and sandwich panels, install cladding.